COVID19. Taking into account the special circumstances surrounding the pandemic and the way in which it affects all of us in every way, Casa Manadero has implemented a series of exceptional measures in this regard.

Reservations that are affected by reasons of limitation of movement of people or opening of accommodation establishments, arranged by the Government officially and published through the BOE (Spain), may be postponed or canceled without charge, although no longer are within the cancellation period that allows it. These exceptional conditions will be valid only for all those made either by phone or by mail.

Reservations made by other means will be governed by the conditions established and accepted in each case.

Exceptions to these considerations are those reservations that have been made knowing of existing limitations (for example, reservations with travel to other Autonomous Communities before June 23 made after the announcement of the limitations).

For the rest of the reserves the usual conditions apply, which are the following:

At any time the user can withdraw or postpone the services requested or contracted, having the right to a refund of the amounts that he would have paid, whether it is the total price or the advance payment previously provided, but he must indemnify our Company for the concepts that The following are indicated:
– If the cancellation will be made up to 15 days before the date of entry, the total of the amounts advanced will be returned. There will also be no penalty for cancellations made up to 4 hours after the reservation is made.
– For cancellations made within 15 days before arrival, the penalty will consist of 50% of the total cost of the reservation.
– Failure to appear on the scheduled date for admission will be charged 100% of the cost of the reservation, nor will you be entitled to any refund of the amount advanced or postponement of the departure date. Once entered the property, if you leave before the contract, you will not have the right to any refund.

Cancellations or modifications must be notified in writing to the email, taking effect from the day the notification is received.

The ‘non-refundable’ rate does not contemplate in any case the refund of the amount paid, the amount of the reservation will be charged in full at the time of confirmation, regardless of the date of entry of the client.

Refunds of the amounts paid (by card or transfer) will be made within a maximum period of 10 business days.